Today is National Voter Registration Day! A lot of people can handle that; we wanted the music to be the thing and it kind of gives us some level of anonymity.”. On their third album, cleverly titled “III,” The Lumineers continue their tradition of storytelling on a much more ambitious, personal scale. ©2020 Verizon Media. It is a recounting and a reckoning all in one. The Making of III - Episode 2: The Characters. Listeners can truly be wrapped up in the story of it all by watching the beautiful short films, which screened as a whole at the Toronto International Film Festival this week. III On The Lumineers’ audacious new album, III (Dualtone, September 13), every note, every syllable, and every moment of silence in between is emotionally charged. The husbands and new fathers are happy being unrecognizable, even if their band is headlining festival after festival. Cleopatra’s story plays out across several songs on the album, which The Lumineers brought together into one narrative with the band’s 2017 video “The Ballad of Cleopatra”: The Lumineers' third album, 'III,' finds the commercially successful duo turning to a decidedly non-commercial topic: a family scarred by addiction. 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The Lumineers - Leader Of The Landslide … “Whether you are Ariana Grande, or Harry Styles, or Justin Bieber, I think what they go through on a daily has to be so difficult,” Fraites added. In an interview with NPR, Fraites and Schultz both explained how their lives have been impacted by addiction, and that this album was intended to chronicle the effects of addi… I’m probably not alone in that way. A lot of people seem to appreciate getting new music in these little chunks rather than one song holding you over for so long.” Â, The Lumineers had a slight head start in anticipation of their album when they released “Nightshade” from the “Game of Thrones” final season soundtrack, “For the Throne,” in April. Split into three “chapters,” this album tells the story of one family, soundtracked by the folk sounds that made The Lumineers famous. SAN FRANCISCO – Drug and alcohol addiction are tough subjects to talk about, but it's getting a little easier with the help of The Lumineers. Gone are the days of the Lumineers' pop-standards and monosyllabic earworms. The song is actually a knockoff of their upcoming, piano-driven track “Jimmy Sparks,” as both tunes feature the same melody. Isabel Infantes - PA Images via Getty Images. Indie folk band, The Lumineers, add to their list of successful albums with the Sept. 13 release of “III.” This visual album is accompanied by a short film that had its world premiere on Sept. 8 at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is best described by the group themselves, “The album is a cinematic narrative told in three chapters. 3 on the Hot 100 chart. But they weren’t worried.Â, “Not to diminish her role at all, [but] the departure of Neyla didn’t affect our writing process. The Lumineers open up about intense story behind 'Gloria' - Duration: 11:00. “Gloria” is the first single from the Lumineers’ upcoming third studio album, III, out September 13th. Ten years ago, The Lumineers frontman Wesley Schultz wrote down an idea in his notebook: he wanted to put an album out in three chapters. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. For this album I got closer and then hit a wall,” Schultz explained. The Lumineers. [5] Lumineers co-founder Jeremiah Fraites said "This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we've really hit our stride. Throughout the rest of the music video, Jimmy Sparks throws a large party with lots of alcohol and attempts to convince his son to drink. The Lumineers: The Album 'III' | Today In Music | Amazon Music - … They wrote “Nobody Knows” for “Pete’s Dragon” and “Holdin’ Out” for “Storks,” both released in 2016. “The live aspect changed a lot with the departure of the cello, so we now have Lauren Jacobson, who plays violin, [and instrumentalist Stelth Ulvang and bass player Byron Isaacs]. “This is an untapped resource for us,” he said. In addition to the album, each track’s accompanied by a corresponding music video, which helps tell the story of the family. His tragic death connected them on a deep level, so when it came time to go darker for their third album, they landed on the themes of familial love and addiction.Â, “It’s largely about someone and something specific in Wes’ extended family that is happening here and now, unfortunately, but for me it brought up a lot of dormant feelings about my older brother going through drug addiction,” Fraites said. The lyrics explain that Junior still wishes he had a mother. The Lumineers Challenge Music Industry Rules With 'III'. The Lumineers will be touring North America throughout 2020 for the album. The Lumineers’ third album, appropriately titled III, is finally here! "[6] In an interview with NPR, Fraites and Schultz both explained how their lives have been impacted by addiction, and that this album was intended to chronicle the effects of addiction on family members and loved ones. Through its course, songwriters Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites make it emphatically clear that the arrangements don’t have to be dense for the songs to be intense. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! "Schultz says he had a childhood friend in New Jersey who slowly came apart as a teenager because of drug addiction. III is a movie. He asked if they would want to write a song for his movie “Glass,” a psychological superhero thriller starring James McEvoy, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. But in the Lumineer's III, the band examines the effects of addiction across the fictional Sparks family. "[7] As of September 19, 2019, the Lumineers have released 10 music videos from the first 10 tracks of the album, chronicling the main characters and their journey living alongside addiction. Although the Sparks family is fictional, the emotions with the songs are genuine. Indie-folk band The Lumineers released their third album titled “III” on Sept. 13 which depicts the story of a family and their ongoing struggles with addiction. Both band members experienced this because Schultz's friend, Josh Fraites, was the brother of his future bandmate, Jeremiah. Subsequent … Chapter I includes songs “Donna,” “Life in the City” and “Gloria.” Chapter II features “It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You,” “Leader of the Landslide” and “Left for Denver.” Chapter III, out Friday, will conclude the compilation with “My Cell,” “Jimmy Sparks,” “April” and “Salt and the Sea.” … “Then, HBO asks if we want to do this compilation album and I thought, this song was good anyway, let’s just change some of the elements to make use of it.”Â, A few months later, Schultz was talking with a record producer about “Jimmy Sparks.” He went through the lyrics and was persuaded to put the haunting tune on “III.” So The Lumineers called up HBO to break the news.Â, “We told them, listen, we’re going to release a song called ‘Jimmy Sparks’ in September that sounds similar to ‘Nightshade,’ and you have to be OK with that or we’re not going to be a part of this,” Fraites said. They grew up together in Ramsey, New Jersey, where Schultz was best friends with Fraites’ older brother, Joshua, who died of a heroin overdose in 2001 at the age of 19. It is the Lumineers' third top-two album in the US.[9]. There’s a traditional way to roll something out in music and if you defy that, you’re kind of swimming upstream. “Having six songs out right now feels good. The full album, “III,” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Naturally, this album felt different than the others. The Lumineers tell their own story in “III” (Dualtone Music Group), a 10-track concept album composed of three chapters that follows the fictitious Sparks family. It is a story. Wes and I had always written the songs,” Fraites said. All rights reserved. Fraites agreed and said he appreciates being able to navigate his day-to-day with some ease. The Lumineers’ latest record “III” is an ambitious third offering that has been rolling out in chapter-like EPs since May. Cellist and vocalist Neyla Pekarek joined the band in 2010, and was a member until 2018. After the release of their second album Cleopatra (4/8/2016 via Dualtone Records/Dine Alone Records), The Lumineers released music videos for “Ophelia,” “Cleopatra,” “Sleep on the Floor,” and “Angela/Patience,” all teasing the story line, but never giving the full story, of the taxi driver whom Shultz met and dubbed Cleopatra. “Gloria,” which Jon Pareles picked for the New York Times playlist upon release of … But the sort of movie star fame Lawrence has is not something Fraites or Schultz are chasing. Once they proved themselves worthy of experimentation, though, their label, Dualtone, was willing to take a risk.Â. The guys are used to that sort of work, though. Schultz and Fraites began writing and performing together in Ramsey, New Jersey in 2005. The Avett Brothers On Taking Risks And Calling For Togetherness, How Destiny’s Child’s ‘The Writing's On The Wall’ Became ‘The Quintessential 1999 Album’. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve sounded better.”, Fraites partly credits the somber tone of “III” to film director M. Night Shyamalan, who approached The Lumineers while they were opening for U2 in 2017. [4], As well as being the Lumineers' third album, the album title also references that the album is presented in three chapters, each focusing on a different main character of the fictional Sparks family. November 13, 2019. The Lumineers transgress music industry tradition with their newest album, III. They fearlessly detail Gloria Sparks’ (Cordell) battle with alcoholism, and show how the disease is seemingly passed down generation to generation.Â, “That’s liberating and gratifying in a way to be like, ‘Look at this and you’ll understand the music more,’” Schultz said. Chapter One looks at the alcoholism of grandmother Gloria Sparks. Chapter I includes songs “Donna,” “Life in the City” and “Gloria.” Chapter II features “It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You,” “Leader of the Landslide” and “Left for Denver.” Chapter III, out Friday, will conclude the compilation with “My Cell,” “Jimmy Sparks,” “April” and “Salt and the Sea.” Each tune is accompanied by a cinematic music video, all of which tell the full story of Gloria, Junior and Jimmy Sparks, a fictional family facing the destruction of addiction. Hughes suggère alors aux autres membres de recruter un joueur de mandoline ; il joue et tourne comme quatrième membre non officiel, et contribue au premier album du groupe. Already one of the biggest bands in the world, The Lumineers did something adventurous on the group's third album, III: The Denver-based group created a record divided into three chapters, telling the story of a family across three generations and how addiction touched those lives. I’m beyond excited to see The Lumineers at their first show of the III tour in the US: January 31st in Asheville. The Lumineers have taken their latest album, III, as an opportunity to shine a light on a topic that's close to many of the members' lives — addiction. The Making of III - Episode 1: The Album. “The album thematically deals with not just addiction and alcoholism, but how you continue to love a person in the wake of the trauma they cause.”Â, Fraites and Schultz were able to let the art do most of the talking thanks to the impressive narrative they built for their music videos, helmed by “Super Dark Times” director Kevin Phillips and starring actors Anna Cordell, Nick Stahl and Charlie Tahan. I think on the last album, ‘Ophelia’ was out months before anyone heard another song [off ‘Cleopatra’],” Schultz said. “There’s a traditional way to roll something out in music and if you defy that, you’re kind of swimming upstream,” Schultz told HuffPost of typical strategies. Also, nearly all of the six songs that have debuted off “III” so far have gotten radio time, a true feat in the world of “the hit single.” A song like “Life in the City,” currently playing on SiriusXM, would’ve most likely been album-only.Â, “There’s something about being judged off a single versus a body of work. The songs are segmented into three chapters and tell the story of three generations (hence the name) of the Sparks family, a fictional counterpart to the real families that collapse over these hurdles every day. “This is a way we can express ourselves if we choose to.”Â, The first three videos for Chapter I were released three months ago and have around 2 million views each. There’s a special selection of recording artists that fit into the category of storytellers. And basically Donna’s defining characteristic is her addiction, seemingly to alcohol. The album and short film both illustrate the way addiction affects the family dynamic and how it’s carried on in a cycle of transgenerational trauma. The Lumineers Tell a Story with ‘III’ Molly Lamendola. III is the third album by The Lumineers whose line up consists of original members and songwriters Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, plus Lauren Jacobson, Stelth Ulvang, Byron Isaacs and Brandon Miller. The strumming "Gloria" was released as the lead single from III. As well as being the Lumineers' third album, the album title also references that the album is presented in three chapters, each focusing on a different main character of the fictional Sparks family. It wasn’t our label’s favorite choice, but my not-so-secret hope is that in a couple of years, others will be doing a similar kind of rollout. And they composed the music for “The Hanging Tree” off “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1” soundtrack sung by Jennifer Lawrence, which landed on the Hot 100 in 2014. 1 year ago. “I feel very blessed that we’re nowhere near that and I don’t think we will get to that stage as we don’t have that type of persona where people would be that interested.”Â, “I do get the Woody Harrelson thing once a day, though,” he chuckled. Indeed it can be gathered from the lyrics of this song that the subject has a distinct history and is not wholly meant to serve as a symbol of a group of people. The stories told, as the chapters unfold, deal with subjects very close to the heart of lead vocalist, Wesley Schultz. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. III follows two platinum albums, the 2012 self-titled debut and the 2016 sophomore album Cleopatra. The Lumineers’ latest record “III” is an ambitious third offering that has been rolling out in chapter-like EPs since May. That’s why their faces never appear on any of The Lumineers’ album covers.Â, “I listened to so much Steve Miller, his greatest hits, growing up, and I never knew what he looked like. That would make my year.”. Chapter I ‘Gloria Sparks’, was inspired by a member of Schultz’s family. The Lumineers III Album artwork Visit Official Website HERE. Comme trio, The Lumineers fait la rencontre de Maxwell Hughes lors d'une soirée micro ouvert à Denver. “We were firing on all cylinders and hitting our stride creatively,” he said. Lumineers co-founder Jeremiah Fraitessaid "This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we've really hit our stride." The now twice-Grammy nominated band are about to release their third studio album, III, out 13 September, a full visual album, split into three chapters, each its own EP, and each one following a separate character in the fictional Sparks family across different generations. “The videos let listeners confront what we’re singing about and, for us, it’s about this raw, ugly thing and putting a face to it.”, Schultz says he was blown away by artists like Florence + The Machine and Beyoncé, who took the visual art form to a higher level with their own cinematic music releases for “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” and “Lemonade,” respectively. “But I found that people are so much more willing to binge. The album is presented in three chapters, each focusing on one character and spanning three generations. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. III tells a story of addiction … The full short film has yet to be released, but six out of ten parts are currently on YouTube. III The World Tour: Episode One. Like ‘Stranger Things,’ I probably watched that new season in less than a week. Rather than take the typical route, they told a story in three parts, releasing three songs at a time in their EPs, Gloria and II, before finishing the narrative with four new songs, which got. Chapter Two explores grandson Junior Sparks and his broken romance along with his struggles to deal with his parents divorce. 5 Questions w/ The Lumineers: Stelth Ulvang. That wasn’t necessarily on purpose.Â, “I’ve been working on ‘Jimmy Sparks’ since 2007, in different forms and facets. The Lumineers are an American folk rock band based in Denver, Colorado.The founding members are Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion, piano). This track introduces Gloria, the family matriarch who inspired by an actual relative of Lumineers vocalist Wesley Schultz's that was an alcoholic. “I never met him, so if Woody’s reading this, I hope to meet you one day and take a proper side-by-side. The Lumineers tell the story of the Sparks family on their third studio album entitled III. It is an album. I just liked his music, and I was really comfortable with that relationship,” Schultz said, laughing. “I think if you turn yourself into the product, that’s a tough thing. Schultz and his bandmate Jeremiah Fraites patiently played by the music industry’s rules, releasing their first two albums, 2012’s “The Lumineers” and 2016’s “Cleopatra,” the traditional way. “It gave us some artistic liberty and freedom to be keep going in a different direction and see what else can compliment this type of song.”Â, From there, Fraites and Schultz began to pull from their shared history. After cellist Neyla Pekarek left the group to launch her solo career at the end of 2018, Schultz and Fraites had to reconsider their folky sound ― an Americana vibe they were known for since their lively 2012 single “Ho Hey” climbed to No. So doing something like this is maybe interesting for people, and another form of creativity for us.”, Fraites told HuffPost this was the perfect time for the group to test the waters “because we have the material to back it up.”. III is a prosaic title for a release as ambitious as the Lumineers' third effort. 5 Questions w/ The Lumineers: Lauren Jacobson. III is the third studio album by American indie folk band The Lumineers. III. The numeric title carries a double meaning: the album is a song cycle told in three parts, with the first two available as a digital EP prior to the September 2019 release of III.Through these three chapters, the Lumineers tell a tale of the long-lasting ramifications of addiction and co-dependence. They agreed and composed the strummy “Salt and the Sea,” a tune featuring a haunting piano melody and lyrics like, “I’ll be your friend in the daylight again / There we will be like an old enemy / Like the salt and the sea.” Shyamalan loved it, but after some thought he decided not to use the song in the movie. They have a post on Instagram a week ago sharing this. The Making of III - Episode 3: The Films. The Lumineers' III. First off it should be noted that the titular “Donna” is a character on The Lumineers’ concept album “III”. Instead, it set the vibe for “III.”, “Because we thought it was for a sci-fi thriller, fantasy movie, we wrote and produced that song very differently had we said, ‘This is for The Lumineers.’ So having that song done and completed prior to really starting to work on the album gave us a huge amount of confidence,” Fraites said.