Call us 608-221-0094 Uromastyx are a really trippy breed of reptile. Description: High white female with a dark brown tail and black beginning to color down her sides and neck.Dark brown ocellation bands across her back. Leopard Geckos. Uromastyx for sale with everything needed Markham / York Region 28/11/2020. At first glance to the unaware eye, you might think to yourself, What the hell is that thing?! These amazing Somalian lizards are on the smaller side of Uromastyx with some of the coolest tails in the reptile world. ), South Arabian Spiny-tailed Lizard) We’ve attempted to match the list of 20 species with common names and taxonomic species listed on other reputable sources online, such as Deer Fern Farms, Reptile Database, Wikipedia, etc. Quick View. Bearded Dragons For Sale - Orange Dragons, Red Dragons, Hypo Dragons, Leatherback Dragons, Translucent Dragons, Silky Dragons and more! I have two, 5 month old Beavertail Uromastyx for sale. Check it out! I definitely did. Amphibians. The Nigerian Uromastyx, or spiny-tailed lizard, has a muscular, heavy, spiked tail that it can use to attack potential threats. Agamids Anoles Bearded Dragon Chameleons Geckos Iguanas Monitors & Tegus Skinks Uromastyx Other Lizards. Frilled Lizards (Babies) Uromastyx. Uromastyx lizard Uromastyx is a genus of lizard found in parts of Africa and the Middle East. Uromastyx, a member of the spiny-taile lizard family, is a genus of African or Asian agamid lizard. This includes several species of snakes, lizards, and tortoises.We also have a large selection of ball pythons and boas as well as many other reptile species that are sourced daily from some of the best breeders around the country and the world. He comes with everything needed tank, light, head pad, thermostat, light timer, leash, calcium powder and … [For Sale] Red Nigerian Uromastyx (Uromastyx geyri) Imperial Geckos. 0: 145 [For Sale] Killer Male Yellow Uromastyx!! These lizards come in a wonderful variety of colors and can even change their coloration based on the temperature of their environment! Includes Saharan, Arabian Blue, Moroccan, Egyptian, and more species. 0: 199 [Wanted] Philbyi Uromastyx. 20 babies of Uromastyx ornata for sale, CB 2008 - 2012, from BLUE and GREEN parents. £50 each. Uromastyx a mix of spring mix veggies and dried lentil or split peas occasionally. Full Length: 10" ( 25 cm ). Uromastyx eat mostly vegetation and seeds. Uromastyx is a chill personality lizard that can make a great pet reptile. Purchase these beautiful exotic reptiles that are eating regularly. Claudiamarchi3. ... Egyptian Uromastyx (Uromastyx aegyptia) $129.00 . When you buy a uro from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee. CB 2010, 2011, from Orange and high yellow parents, price 120 - 150 €. These Reptiles come mainly from Asia and Africa and have made their way inside of homes across the globe as pets. He’s about 3 years old very colour and very active during the day. Lizards in the genus Uromastyx are primarily herbivorous, meaning they eat greens. A night time drop to 18C (65F) should be allowed. Find a quality animal and support a local breeder near you! exceptional lizards. Feb 21, 2019 - Explore Jana kociemba's board "Uromastyx lizard" on Pinterest. Details inside Coloration can be different – mainly lightly colored body with brownish, green, blue, pinkish, cream, golden, with black or grey specs, and presence or lack of stripes on the head. Uromastyx require very high temperatures, the basking area should reach 49-60C (120-140F), the remaining vivarium temperature should be roughly 26.5-32C (80-90F). UROMASTYX. Below is a picture of the male lounging. Uromastyx for sale with everything needed Markham / York Region 28/11/2020. Weight: 210 grams. Choose from a variety of uromastyx supplies such as uromastyx enclosure decorations, uromastyx heating and lighting supplies, uromastyx substrates and uromastyx vitamins and supplements. Subadults - 250 €. Thomas: USA: 12/11/20: Top Shelf High Colored Male Uromastyx Geyri Thomas: USA: 12/04/20: Red Nigerian Uromastyx (Uromastyx geyri) Miami, FL, US Shipping Only! Origin: Wild Caught. A dwarf species of uromastyx. Dart Frogs & Mantellas Toads Tree Frogs Other Frogs Newts & Salamanders. Naturally, Uromastyx are from the African continent. All the Uromastyx for sale are inspected thouroughly and are. Subscribe for monthly specials, new arrivals, and informative articles. Sex: Female. UROMASTYX ORNATA. The slightly larger males can grow from 13-16 inches long while females only get 11-14 inches long. They are settling in and thriving! He’s about 3 years old very colour and very active during the day. Uromastyx thomasi are small to medium sized uromastyx species, and can reach around 9-10 inches long (23-26cm). Reptile packages and shipments are covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee and Health Guarantee. With bags of personality, 'uros' are very friendly Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a … Uromastyx yemenensis (Rainbow Benti, Mountain Benti, Yemen Uromastyx(? All the species start breeding this time of year, babies born in July-August so early Fall is the best time to find some, especially at local reptile shows. A lovely desert species that are easy to keep. The new Reptile Incubation Tray (Cup sold separately) is designed for use with small reptile eggs, such as Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Uromastyx, etc. Female uromastyx may be housed together IF there is ample space and food for each lizard. ... We always have a nice selection of frogs and toads for sale, From Fire-Belly Toads to Tree Frogs, to Giant Marine Toads to tiny African Reed frogs. Townsend Delaware. They are apart of the genus family of reptiles. Miami, FL, USA. Aside from our large selection of geckos we also have Alligator Lizards (Abronia), Cuban False Chameleons, Uromastyx, Skinks and other lizards for sale! Lizards for sale - Reptile rapture offers great selection of Lizards & with live arrival assurance on Lizard. See more ideas about uromastyx, uromastyx lizard, lizard. We actually don’t have any uromastyx available for sale at this time. There are several species regularly offered in pet stores, and care requirements for common species are very similar. Search Results for: Uromastyx: Date: For Sale/Wanted: Posted By: Location: 12/11/20: Killer Male Yellow Uromastyx!! Cookie . If you are a breeder and would like your information added or edited, please let us know. These lizards are simply stunning jewels. Arabian Blue Uromastyx Uromastyx philbyi. We strive to provide the BEST Uromastyx Lizards for sale anywhere, and our track record proves it. Their diet consists of live insects and vegetables. Here's our online directory of all known reputable breeders with uromastyx for sale in the United States and Canada. I would suggest checking with Deer Fern Farms or keep an eye on the Fauna Classifieds for older uros available. They have a long strong body, and a short tail. We have combined 25 years of reptile husbandry and breeding expertise to put together a fantastic array of exotic reptiles for sale. Free Shipping/100.00 More! Uromastyx are a very popular small lizard. Morrocon uromastyx for sale.Due to being pregnant having to cut down on collection. 12-04-2020 01:32 PM by Imperial Geckos. I’m looking to sell my uromastyx. We have a few absolutely incredible Arabian Blue philbyi Uromastyx for sale at equally amazing prices. Explore 2 listings for Uromastyx Canada at best prices. The Uromastyx Store carries a wide variety of captive bred uromastyx for sale in Canada. He comes with everything needed tank, light, head pad, thermostat, light timer, leash, calcium powder and … Save time and eggs by using this when incubating your eggs! In the wild these … Uromastyx lizard Read More » Price from 180 €. Dispar Golden Uromastyx are some of the best pet lizards available. Got Reptiles has Mali Uromastyx for sale (Uromastyx maliensis) at ultra low prices. Whatever your lifestyle, we can find the right fit for you. Uromastyx for sale. View Options. My Uromastyx have only drank open water for the following reasons; a female just finished laying eggs (Small water dish), an old female could not eat the volume of food she used to and was dehydrated (small water dish she was led to), a Uromastyx loaded with parasites was starved and dehydrated (medicinal bath was administered, holding the tail) Male uromastyx also tend to be extremely aggressive toward one another and will fight, sometimes to the death. I’m looking to sell my uromastyx. (sexed...) UROMASTYX ACANTHINURA NIGRIVENTRIS. Rockabirdie. We offer Crested Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Gargoyle Geckos, Tortoises, Leopard Geckos, Uromastyx, and Chameleon Geckos that make fascinating, easy to care for pets. Mali Uromastyx are robust black lizards that often have brown or yellow colorations on their backs. Ornate Uromastyx for sale $ 199.00 $ 179.00. A Uromastyx can grow to 45cm in length. Prehistoric Pet Evolution has a wide variety of pet reptiles for sale. These are one of the hardiest lizards available and have friendly temperaments. Uromastyx lizards come from very hot places and need high temperatures to do well as pets. Buy Dispar Golden Uromastyx for sale online. 12-04-2020 04:16 AM by Claudiamarchi3. Live arrival guarantee! I now have a 1.1 sub adult pair and 2 yearling babies of this species. Uromastyx for Sale. First is a long time favorite of mine, Uromastyx Princeps. These lizards can live over 12 years if taken care of properly. Two to three uros may live happily in a 75-gallon tank. The cheapest offer starts at $ 250.